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The chosen One Ring is going to bring balance to the Force

*twitch, twitch* Too....much....awesomeness. ~ After being stabbed by a Morgul blade, Frodo found the Force, improved Sting, then feel to the influence of the Ring and turned Sith! So much for the kinder, gentler Hobbit Folk!

Star Wars & Harry Potter Wall Decal: You're A Wizard Harry..Or Possibly A Jedi? :

Harry Potter vs. Star Wars my two favorite things

Harry Potter Compared to Star Wars

Fandom mash-ups seriously crack me up. This Star Wars Wall Art has the perfect splash of Harry Potter added to it. Of course they made it epic with adding in a light saber and wand. “I Am A Jedi Like My Father Before Me, Unless Hogwarts Sends Me A Letter Like My Mother” is the statement of …

Ron Solo Thinks You Should Let The Hagrid Win

Star Wars: Harry Potter by Janes Hance - Ron Solo Thinks You Should Let The Hagrid Win

One thing I love about the prequels is seeing Obi-Wan Kenobi taking baby Luke to his uncle's like he's space Dumbledore.