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Tartan Red vs Cathedral Inside Out Dress - LIMITED (new release) 200AUD - BNWT in S

Tartan Red Vs Cathedral Inside Out Dress

Tartan Red vs Cathedral Inside Out Dress by Black Milk Clothing - XS

Tiger Swimsuit - LIMITED › Black Milk Clothing - Nommed in Cyber madness!

Tiger Swimsuit - Limited





Mermaid Silver Leggings › Black Milk Clothing

Mermaid Silver Leggings

If you feel like you're on the wrong side of the ocean (vertically speaking) and you're actually, seriously supposed to be a mermaid. In the meantime, get these on your legs and start li

fahion+dress+recycle+boys | MILCH, recycled fashion, upcycled fashion, recycled clothing, upcycled ...

milch - MILCH is an Australian label that takes secondhand menswear and mixes it up to create beautiful womenswear. Despite drawing from the current androg.

but now they have these too!! cant make up my mind. :) one of these will be a bday present to myself

Leg Bones Neon Pink Leggings

Resurrection Leggings | Black Milk Clothing- These leggings are everything!!!

Resurrection Leggings


Woman in Red Ep. 1 Dress

XS WOMAN IN RED EP. 1 DRESS- Bought off the BM site during the Museum Release. It was the only dress I was truly after. Then I realized no one else really wanted it LOL. Oh well, each to their own xP.

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