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Tony Abbott faces Labor block to repeal of the carbon tax -- #ItsACarbonPRICEnotTAX #auspol -- Can we trust a party whose leader is on record as saying #climatechange is "crap" to do something about it for our country? NO!!!

Abbott carbon tax mantra blunted. Only one third of Australians support scrapping the tax.

Life is much better under Labor after all, says study August 31, 2013. The Gillard government oversaw the smallest increase in cost of living of any Australian government for at least 25 years despite the introduction of the carbon tax, a new study has found. Moreover, Australian households have seen real incomes - disposable income minus cost of living increases - rise 15 per cent since just after Labor took office, giving the average household a $5324 a year boost, or $102 a week.

Tony Abbott's promises and his word are worth nothing after admitting he would break his emissions pledge over funding hole.

Tony Abbott carbon tax post

Emissions from energy generation jump most in eight years after carbon price axed - so how can that be good for Australia, the world and all our children?

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