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Restaurant in the American Trade Hotel, Panama City, Panama

Offering an outdoor pool, a gym, a restaurant and a jazz bar, the American Trade Hotel is located in the historic centre of Panama City.

American Trade Hotel, Panama

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American Trade Hotel is a Wedding Venue in Panama City, Panamá, Panama. See photos and contact American Trade Hotel for a tour.

The American Trade Hotel stands at the ecological and cultural crossroads of the Americas, deeply connected to both the Old Quarter and the new Panama City.

Welcome to Panama's American Trade Hotel

The American Trade hotel. Greenery, floor (elements of the colonial style but needs to be more modernised)

Hats Off

Rescue project in Panama City turns street gang HQ into timelessly stylish hotel...

the jute rug done right. american trade hotel in panama by commune design. an ace hotel

* Italy Cofoco by Norm Architects | Copenhagen

Norm Architects puts a Danish spin on an Italian restaurant

With Cofoco’s restaurant concept “italy” in Copenhagen, Norm architects created an atmosphere that is Italian, but seen from a Scandinavian perspective.


American Trade Hotel, Panama

Ace Hotel's creative team joins forces with Commune and local developers for a restoration project in the country's oldest neighborhood