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I'm expecting NetFlix to cancel my subscription for my own good, if it gets any judgier.

The muted advert was for a local lawyer specialising in accidental child abduction cases.

Every time a conspiratard assures me that, five thousand years ago, the human animal was too stupid to build a pyramid, this is precisely wh...

As a rule, any assertion backed entirely by a barrage of unrelated and stupid questions is a conclusion predating evidence to support it.

You call it Laziness; I call it Low Priority Paralysis.

Since the hovertext tends not to copy over to social media: enjoy my prediction that a number of morons will comment with precisely the things they're not supposed to comment with, just to be hilariously ironical buffoons.

If you need me at FB for anything, you can find me under the name Graeme Lynne. Because outsmarting retarded bigots is one of my hobbies.

What slays me about hippies is how tolerant and accepting they are, until you're not one of them.

RT @Philae2014: Just flew into heaven; no one who wardrobeshamed Matt Taylor during ShirtGate is allowed in here.