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Commemorative or keepsake letterpress print, suitable for framing, of quote from Emerson's essay "Character", includes photomechanical reproduction of engraving of head-and-shoulders portrait of Emerson, facing right.

Connecting to the Common Core: Primary Source Thinking Triangle Activity - TPS-Barat Primary Source Nexus

I wish someone would understand this... I needed to at least kind of love myself before I felt right letting someone else do it for me... Although I still wish they would have fought for me :/

moving on from a relationship that quick never works out. trust me. of everybody you should know my experience with that. it never works out. dont hurt yourself again

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Buy that one way plane ticket to a destination unknown.

Ralph Waldo Emerson “What is a Weed?” quotation

i know some people consider this philosophical and shiz, and that's legit, but guys SERIOUSLY! this is true about REAL WEEDS AS WELL! i guess i just really like weeds.