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Cholita wrestler Martha La Altena (right) fights with a male wrestler dressed as a Cholita during the ‘Titans of the Ring’ wrestling group’s Sunday performance at El Alto’s Multifunctional Centre, El Alto, Bolivia. Photo by Lisa Wiltse, from Bolivia’s Cholita Wrestlers

Cholitas Luchadores: Bolivias Female Wrestlers. The fighting cholitas see themselves as symbols of strength: Their opponents include bigotry and sexism. “My goal,” says one fighter, “is to lift up indigenous women, who have been treated with contempt.” “We fighters carry within us a kind of fire that nothing can quench.”

3. Arquitetura Neoclássica no Brasil

Palacio Imperial de Petropolis - Grão Pará-O Palácio do Grão-Pará localiza-se na cidade de Petrópolis, no estado do Rio de Janeiro, no Brasil. Originalmente construído como Hospedaria dos Semanários da Corte, veio a ser a residência duma parte da família imperial brasileira. Situa-se nos fundos do antigo Palácio Imperial de Verão de D. Pedro II (1840-1889).

Not a lot of people have even heard of Yerba Mate, that is, unless you live in South America, in which case you probably drink it more than Coffee. However, in the rest of the world it has mostly remained a novelty drink. This is however, rapidly beginning to change, with more and more information present and available as to its magical benefits. Here are 5 reasons to switch from Coffee, to Yerba Maté! 1. It’s stimulation lasts much longer! Obviously, both Coffee and Yerba Mate contain…