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We are well insulated at my house!

We are well insulated at my house!


It's true. It also doesn't help that my knitting/crochet group is filled with retirees!

What did you say? I have too much yarn! Watch your filthy mouth!

Free and Funny Cry For Help Ecard: You shut your mouth when Jesse Rutherford is singing to me.

Ruby in the Rough Unfinished Objects

Concerned about soaring energy costs, Connie embarks on her biggest craft project ever and knits a wool sweater for their house. by McPherson, John

You can never have too much #yarn!

sharing over the past year. So starting this week, and continuing for the next few months, each Saturday I’ll have free yarn - for holiday gifts, or just for you!

Well I say that to my husband - but I don't really mean it! LOL

More crochet humor!

Dyne Dyne Fluegge Well I say that to my husband - but I don't really mean it!

From "12 Insane (but True) Things about Crocheters" at crochetersanonymous.com

Rottenecards - Being a crocheter means openly talking about hooking, fingering, and your stash, without batting an eye, while bystanders wonder if they should call the police.


Free and Funny Confession Ecard: Whatever it is that I did to make you hate me, I'd really like to know. I have other people I can use that on.

Education is important, but yarn is importanter...

Education is important, but yarn is importanter. Knit crochet yarn humour sayings

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Free, Cry For Help Ecard: I can't stop collecting crochet patterns even though it would take 257 years to finish what I already have.