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Grumpy cat

immune to puppies your mean grumpy cat says the dog come's in house says dog pusys cat out yay!


Some people were dropped on their head as babies. Others were clearly thrown in the air, hit a ceiling fan, bounced off the wall and fell out the window! ~~ Grumpy Cat still does not care for the slow witted.

You know what? This cat speaks the truth in everything he is posted on to, like honestly, happy is way to over rated... if you have read this and we have met, you would think I'm a hypocrite, lets be honest I don't get mad.

Some Cats like to watch the world burn!

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funny pictures of cats

Ever seen those other Snickers memes with Tard in them? That cat was on Prozac, here's the steel hard proof.



Her Highness, the Grumpy cat. For this inspiring creature, endless and infinite devotion ^_^

Grumpy Cat Meme

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thing not to tell a woman struggling with infertility is to relax.even Grumpy Cat does not approve!

Grumpy cay

This sentence needs a period after stupid and knew. Grammar win: "I'm sorry that I offended you when I called you stupid. I honestly thought you knew.

Lost your marbles.

Grumpy Cat--You may not have lost all your marbles, but there's definitely a hole in the bag. I love Grumpy Cat.