Explore Decompression Sickness, Outer Space, and more!

Check out this amazepants photo taken from a U-2 spy plane over the Arizona desert. Click through for the heart-pounding story about U-2 pilots and decompression sickness.

Check out this amazepants photo taken from a spy plane over the Arizona desert. Click through for the heart-pounding story about pilots and decompression sickness.

Here's a fascinating look at what and how the USAF's finest pilots eat while flying America's favorite spy plane: the A-12.

What and How do U 2 Spy Plane Pilots Eat During their 12 Hour Missions

A pilot takes a self-portrait aboard the U-2.

Another great photo from the decompression sickness story in the new Air & Space issue.

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The Sweet Escape by Richard Silvera

Funny pictures about Space Shuttle breaching the clouds. Oh, and cool pics about Space Shuttle breaching the clouds. Also, Space Shuttle breaching the clouds photos.

F-22 Raptor

F 22 Raptor. Am I the only one who has the soundtrack of Top Gun playing in her head while looking at this pic? Every time I see any kind of fighter, I always think of that movie. CHAIR FORCE MY ASS.

I cannot explain why this video makes me so emotional. James May takes a ride in a U2 spy plane to the edge of our planet's atmosphere.

James may with a view from a cruising at as the sky above turns black. James May on the Moon ,now on DVD

evokes amazing feelings of travel and exploration

The ShinMaywa is a Japanese large STOL amphibious aircraft designed for air-sea rescue work. The is scheduled to replace the older ShinMaywa

Suntoucher solar powered aircraft concept. A concept aircraft which has the capability of flying for several hundred miles without fuel. Developed by samuel nicz, it uses solar energy collected from the photovoltaic cells installed across its large wingspan of 70m to power its AC engine, which is situated in the middle of the glider's fuselage. the lightweight construction is designed to be environmentally friendly, and economically fly over long distances, at an average speed of 100 km/h.

Future technology Concept Solar Powered Aircraft - I bet flying through clouds is exciting!

Man thus is an amazing aircraft. I'd love to fly this someday.  Grumman FM 2 Wildcat

Grumman FM-2 Wildcat

Grumman FM 2 Wildcat Love this plane. They have one at the plane museum in Seattle Washington.

Space Day photo of the SR71 spy plane

Space Day photo of the spy plane

Five Hours of Plane Landings in 30 Seconds at San Diego International Airport

Striking Multiple Exposure Shot of Takeoffs at Hannover Airport // Photograph by HO-YEOL RYU. So awesome! one of the best uses of time lapse/multiple Exposure.