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Paint-dipped spoons.

What a great idea! Buy second-hand cutlery and dip to suit color scheme. I also like the idea of them being mismatched cutlery and the colour being what makes them fit together as a set

Painted Hangers - add a little pop to your closet

My Dream Home: 10 Ideas for Decorating With Neon Colors

DIY - Spray Painted Wood Hangers - Tutorial - Color coat hangers for each member in your home

2e leven van bestek. Leuk!

ROCK ON x PEACE x LOVE Special Collector set 3 Silverware Coat Hooks From jjevensen Three Silver plated forks are bent with a special technique to give a stylish coathook.

Tortoise and the Hare: spray paint bottles

Diy Home decor ideas on a budget. : 10 Diy Home Decor Projects That Inspired Me This Week. White vases using puffy paint and matte spray paint spraypaint I think I need to make the starburst mirrors!

MASON JAR VASE - spray paint over "hot glue written words" on a mason jar. craft-ideas

(Use puff paint or a glue gun to write on plain jars before painting them.) Radliff-isn't this a cute idea for mason jars?

15 Junk Silver Spoon and Flatware Crafts

Wall art with spray painted frames and silverware and backed with fabric remnants. Such a cute DIY Kitchen idea! by esperanza

p       I love Anthropologie.  And wouldnt it be nice to be able to spend $998 on a table cloth?  But, really.  Then there is the world I live in, and I call it reality, and in that world, I dont spend $1,000 on a /p

10 Anthropologie Knock-Offs that are Worth the Time

I am tooootally doing this DIY Spray Painted Spoon Project. I can't decide! This would be super cute with unmatching silverware too--- just spraypaint all the handles the same color and you'll have a unique and beautiful new set!

DIY viltjes van kurk pimpen

For our room in the corner? :)Painted Cork Coasters Idea: How about decorating them as ornaments or Christmas cookies? Add some homemade cookies, tea, cocoa or coffee packets and a cute mug for a small gift basket.


DIY: Coca-Cola bottle + paint = vases Fun idea to repurpose empty bottles. Also great party decor.

Paint the inside of clear vases with glossy paints..

These vases are a dime a dozen at thrift stores! I would like them in slightly brighter colors, but, oh what a greattttt idea! Revamping clear vases with a little paint inside.These vases are always at the thrift store!