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Aquarius truth - at times let down emotionally because their own high standards cause them to demand more of other than what is practical.

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[REPOST] & Zodiac Aquarius facts: Aquarius might confuse people because they can be very expressive without letting their emotions get in the way. They can convey the most heart-wrenching story but at the same time keep a poker face.

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Aquarius New Year 2017 Horoscope check your horoscope for this upcoming new year So here in this article we have posted new year horoscope for Aquariu

Aquarius - this is soooo me, and I really do use those two words more than an other. :)

Aquarius I'm not a daily horoscope reader, but I must say.some of the things I do are so true.

Money is success and I want success. People around me think I just want money, but I really just want to afford a higher quality of life so I can enjoy it to its fullest.

Aquarius Money Not as important to me as some of the little things in life and I never would trade money for true love happiness or health unlike MOST .But always do find money,


FAQ: What are Aquarius Birthstones? – Aquarius Birthstones are rock crystal and blue topaz. What are Aquarius birthstone colors?

#Aquarius use the silent treatment because they know when they're mad, they can say very, very, mean, ruthless things.

It's a form of self-restraint, actually. If we are deathly quiet. Please for the Love of all that is Holy, do not PESTER

Omg yes. Sometimes I wonder why my brain just doesn't work like other people.

Omg this quote explains my life. Fellow Aquarius, I know exactly how you feel, trust me, you are not alone.

This is very true

My mom needs to read this one! I will never forget how mad she was at me during whenever because she thought I didn't care!