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21 Jaw Dropping Before and After Photos of Rescued Animals

The Dogs have been left in a pitiful state, but were adopted brought back to health by good people.

U know it

Want some funny cat memes? Here are 25 pictures of cats with hilarious wording that are engineered to make you laugh, gasp, and wince with a pang of truth.

(100) Debbora Berlinger

Mom, habs I told yoo lately how much I lubs yoo? Yoo so byootifool, standin dere, cookin bacon.

Do you mind if I take this? Never mind. I'm taking it.

Iz my littermate frum anotha momma-cat, Sustainability Kitteh. Vegetarian n Vegan is moar sustainabel fur teh world. Fur Ceiling Cat's sake, u can haz vegetarian or vegan!