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For my mother, who came to help when I went into preterm labor 2 months early, witg two kids at home.

I'll be there my precious one! Something I want my daughter & my sons to always feel & know, that I'm there for them no matter what. That I'll do everything I can to support them, their individuality, their dreams. If they don't call me, I'll call them!

(19) Twitter #GoodParenting

(19) Twitter #GoodParenting

You are my son. I love you now and forever love love quotes quotes quote boy man mother forever son.I Love you Gill

Give your kids a HAPPY mom!

Become a Happier Healthier Mom

Become a Happier Healthier Mom - Lemon Lime Adventures. I also just really love this quote- something to remember

Better Research

a worried mother quotes quote family quote family quotes parent quotes mother…

Laughter...I am blessed to hear this everyday not only by my beautiful children but the beautiful children I care for everyday.

A child's laugh.I love listening to my kids laugh! Really belly laugh.makes me smile!

Believe in them don't lie to them and don't discourage. Children can do anything they set their mind to.

I need to remember this :) someone needs to remember he has his baby. His other kids are grown. Believing in kids does not mean you blow them off to date your drug addict ex wife!

Truth Tuesday

Being a mother brings me a lot of joy - and also exhaustion! Luckily I have found ways (nutrition, exercise, reiki, minfulness) to keep me sane and smiling - happy mama = happy son (and the other way round)

Take head all you youngins. We really do love u.

My Promise To My Children oh yes so true. I do so because you are my children. Love you both more than my own life. Some can only look from afar but I do not nor will I ever because I am your parent I am your dad.

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Mommy-ing is the hardest, most exhausting, most rewarding and stressful job I've ever had.but I love my children more than anything on earth!