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chicken run mrs tweedy - Google Search

chicken run mrs tweedy - Google Search

Yep, Chicken Run.  Oldest Gson talked me into this one many years ago now - and yes it is VHS.  ******Egads, did I just tell everyone I still have a working VCR in the year 2012!!!!!*********Oh noooo. and just as soon as I say I don't particularly like Mel Gibson anymore, just saw that he is the voice of rooster Rocky in this movie!!!

Chicken Run (2000)

Stream Chicken Run 2000 online. Find out where Chicken Run is available to stream. When a bird "flies" into a chicken farm, the fellow chickens see him as an opportunity to escape their evil owners.

chicken run- puppet made out of Plasticine with a metal armature underneath

John Wright Modelmaking is a studio based in Bristol specializing in the production of quality models, sets, puppets and props. We also manufacture a range of armatures and ball and socket joints for use within the animation industry.

Chicken Run this was SOO my movie when I was little

Love this movie :D Nothing like clay chickens that make you reassess your life choices