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Brown Betty, our teapot

Now we have a replacement, a traditional Brown Betty teapot, and tea making can resume as it should.

Ok, ok. So your idea of essential items may be different than mine, but you must know: I take my coffee and tea VERY seriously. (well, as seriously as you can take a tasty warm beverage.) I used to be a coffee junkie. (Like, hook it up to my veins, drink a pot before going to bed, junkie.) Then I realized that maaaaybe that wasn't the healthiest, so I had to detox and give it up for a time. I promptly fell in love with tea. (Duh) And now I'm back to coffee as a special treat now and ag...

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These components when used together, are the closest thing to defining my look. Here are the 6 defining style elements I use in every room.