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watershedrecovery: Help us continue to spread the word that recovery is a reality for addicts and alcoholics. A statistically proven pattern of behaviors exhibited by people suffering from alcohol and/or drug addiction.

Therapist questionnaire

26 Questions To Help You Know Yourself Better

5 Stages of Recovery

5 Stages of Recovery

12 steps of recovery

12 steps of recovery are based on principles of honesty, accountability and powerlessness.

Many people think they have to get the recovery process right the first time, but multiple attempts are actually common. Learn more by taking a look at this infographic from an addiction treatment center in Pasadena.

Deciding to get help is the first step of the chemical dependency recovery process. Discover the other steps to take when battling addiction by viewing this infographic from a substance abuse treatment center in Pasadena.

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Find out more about how to prevent substance abuse relapse after rehab illustrated with a visually stunning infographic and has a PDF version for you to