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For patients concerned with the possibility that smoking medical marijuana may have harmful effects on the lungs, and for those who require a maximum dose of medicinal compounds, oral ingestion of marijuana is preferred over…

Medical Marijuana in the Form of Controlled-dose Capsules Now Available in New York #MultipleSclerosisNewsToday

Video Journal of Juicing Cannabis with clips of Dr William Courtney speaking on the many health benefits of CBD and THC. Medical Marijuana in the smoked form provides some medicinal benefit to all recreational users, but the non-psychoactive form of THC Acid and CBD Acid allow much higher doses and far greater medicinal value, while avoiding the side-effect of getting high. Marijuana Facts, Cannabis Facts. Benefits of Medical Marijuana, THC Acid, CBD Acid Medical Cannabis Journal With F

formulations and dosage formats of medical cannabis pharmaceuticals.

Better late than never. Heroin overdoses kill thousands of people each year, while marijuana has no known toxic dose. It's considerably less habit-forming than heroin, alcohol, nicotine and other drugs. And medical marijuana treatments hold a lot of potential -- particularly as an alternative to dangerous prescription painkillers.