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Flip the Flap Gingerbread Man Craft

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Teacher Comments:
"My students loved this! The sequencing activity was wonderful!"
"This has been a great resource in engaging my students in retell in fun and interactive way."
This “flip-the-flap” storytelling craft, is a super-fun way to practice the sequencing & retelling a story standards, using the popular tale of the “Gingerbread Man”
Simply run the fox pattern off on orange or brown construction paper.
Students trim & add a few highlights with crayons.
The “head” of the fox, is the “cover” of the booklet that flips up to reveal 6 oval pages, which feature graphics that help students recall the story, so they can retell the tale.
I purposely did not number the pages, so you can check comprehension when students sequence the story.
Children color, cut & sequence the oval-shaped pages into a little booklet, which is then glued to the fox’s face, making it a “flip-the-flap” activity.
Besides the black & white patterns, I’ve also included colorful templates, so you can quickly & easily make an example to share.
Since there are two versions of the fairy tale, I’ve also included page options with both endings of the story, as well as a gingerbread man pattern, to use as an extra manipulative.
Teacher Comment:
"This was perfect for my kindergartners. They were able to retell the story and I also used it for compare and contrast. We compared the different Gingerbread Man stories and chose our favorite ending."
As children finish retelling the story, I thought it would be fun for them to place the gingerbread man inside the fox’s mouth, to tell the version where the cookie is eaten, then hold the gingerbread man and have him scamper off, to explain that he escapes in the other story.
For writing practice, have students complete the extra “last” page, where children circle the ending they liked best, then explain why.
To check comprehension & further reinforce the sequence of the story, older students can explain “What Happened?” on the writing prompt worksheet.
When everyone is done, have children pick a partner and take turns telling “The Gingerbread Man” story to each other.
We sometimes do this sort of thing with our older reading buddies.
Teacher Comments:
"My students LOVED this activity."
“Great resource!” “Such a fun activity.”
I’m Diane from Teach With Me, wishing you a fun-filled time keeping up with the gingerbread man.
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