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#Recycle your plastic bottles and jugs. Please squeeze the air out and reattach lid before tossing into your recycling bin. #rumpke

Rumpke (Waste & Recycling Services) Recycling Tip: Rumpke will recycle clean pizza boxes! If the box is free of grease and food, put it in your recycling bin. If the bottom of the box is dirty, just recycle the lid.

Rumpke accepts all plastic bottles and jugs. You can even recycle the lid; simply empty the bottle, crush it and screw the lid back on.

Just because an item says it is recyclable, doesn't mean you can toss it into your recycling bin. There is a difference between acceptable and recyclable, so pelase check the list, not the label. #rumpke #recycle

RECYCLING TIP: Don't worry about removing labels from your jugs, bottles and cans before recycling. #rumpke #recycle

We recycle at Rumpke. Do you? #rumpke #recycle

Recycle glass bottles and jars of any color in your Rumpke Recycling bin

Recycling Tip No. 101: Leave the lids on your plastic bottles and jugs. #recycle #rumpke Learn more at www.rumpkecleanandgreen.com

Recycling gives you curb appeal. #recycle #Rumpke

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