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It’s Just Elemental

Traveling with an Anxiety Disorder

My super power: Anxiety Girl able to jump to the worst conclusion in a single bound!

Narcissists take great delight in keeping you hooked, but giving you know attention after you give in and come back.  Don't do it.  Zero contact with him or any of his friends that believe the crap he says about you to them.

GPS-Grace Power Strength: The Narcissistic Ex: Crossing Boundaries = Control my narc did exactly that to me because I never retaliated at his first rejection of me. He is being even more vicious and paranoid now that I ignore him totally!

Insanity is believing your hallucinations are real. Religion is believing that other peoples' hallucinations are real.

I get a little prickly when religious people dismiss my beliefs as delusions or crazy thoughts.

I phone, you tube

"When you speak, this is what I think," said Grandma. Photo: A cartoon phone and tube are pictured. The phone says, "I phone, you tube.