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Anybody else in love with Rob Benedict's singing in 11x20 when he sings 'Fare Thee Well'?
Supernatural: Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict  at San Diego Comic Con 2016 (SDCC) (photo via Supernatural's Instagram)
supernatural, misha collins, and rob benedict image
Rob Benedict aka fluffy adorable little teddy bear
Supernatural: Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict
His crooked smile is going to stop my heat with its wonderfulness
It looks like they're trying to re-create the Twilight poster
RobBenedict on Twitter: "last day! get in on the boys campaign & benefit people in need. so stoked i grew antlers & turned my beard 1/2 grey": #MishaCollins Retweeted Rob Benedict "Don't pretend the antlers are for the campaign. You already had antlers. Beard was a classy touch, though. LAST DAY!" #RobBenedict Retweeted Misha Collins "well you're the first to reveal this to me. why has no one ever told me i have antlers?!? thank you misha. you're a real friend."