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Дэвид Хокни разгадал секрет невероятной реалистичности картин эпохи Возрождения
Mesmerism: The Operator Inducing a Hypnotic Trance, engraving after Dodd, 1794. Plate from Ebenezer Sibly's book, A Key to Physic, 1794.
Peep Show: a viewing device in the form of a box. The user would put their eyes up to the box in order to see perspectival images lit from above.  The device pre-dates the panorama.
camera obscura
azlan shafer: Abū Alī al-Ḥasan ibn al-Ḥasan ibn al-Haytham
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor marion manola
Lina Cavalieri Often referred to as "The worlds most beautiful woman" she was part of the "tight slip era" and her hour glass figure was admired and legendary. She was also blessed with a beautiful singing voice and became a very famous opera star . Though she even referred to herself as the worlds most beautiful woman, she is also know for her compassion and charitable acts.- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Child’s Play | NeoLucida
Child’s Play | NeoLucida
An illustration of the camera lucida (patented in 1807 by William Hyde Wollaston) from George Dollond’s “Description of the Camera Lucida: An Instrument for Drawing in True Perspective, and for Copying, Reducing, or Enlarging Other Drawings” (1830).