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Sometimes, like this #BornLoser #comic, you can adjust your business bottom line by changing your perspective. Learn ways to do it at

This Free Range comic shows 1 reason @CBC123 graduates learn the appropriate ways to use technology in the workplace.

Is this #9to5 #comic the way to hire technical personnel? Learn the ways of tech in one of our courses:

There are better ways to announce #layoffs than this #GetALife cartoon. Take an HR class at CBC123 -

Being dedicated to work can be rewarding unless it goes like this FrankAndErnest comic. Learn to improve your work life through a six-week class at

As in this #Ziggy comic, managing stress is an important step in job searching -

Good #Accounting requires good documentation as in this #SantaClaus #Christmas #Farcus cartoon. Learn Accounting Fundamentals at