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When Being Humane Is Traitorous to the Nation Looking back on Japan’s ultranationalist war years, the president of Soka Gakkai International warns against the dangers of racial pride.

It’s a place where women rule, marriage doesn’t exist and everything follows the maternal bloodline.

The kingdom of women: the society where a man is never the boss

The kingdom of women: the Tibetan tribe where a man is never the boss

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Ancient Viruses Are Buried in Your DNA

Ancient Viruses Are Buried in Your DNA

Endogenous retroviruses wormed into the human genome eons ago. Today viral genes continue to produce a variety of mysterious proteins in the body.

Ireland | The Giant's Causeway | Travel

Ireland Travel Guide: Visiting The Giant's Causeway

Ireland Travel Guide: Visiting The Giant's Causeway - The Frugal Fashionista

これまで見た中で最も美しく創意に溢れた花火でした…。実際にこれが目の前で爆発します。 - ツイナビ | ツイッター(Twitter)ガイド

これまで見た中で最も美しく創意に溢れた花火でした…。実際にこれが目の前で爆発します。 - ツイナビ | ツイッター(Twitter)ガイド

Traveling alone is something that takes some willower at the beginning but I assure you you'll love it once you try it. Give it a click and read my personal tips on how to enjoy Solo Travel!

Solo Travel - 5 reasons why you should never travel differently again!

Taktshang Goemba (Tiger's Nest Monastery), Bhutan. A prominent Himalayan Buddhist sacred site and temple complex, located in the cliffside of the upper Paro valley, in Bhutan. A temple complex was first built in 1692, around the Taktsang Senge Samdup cave where Guru Padmasambhava is said to have meditated for three years, three months, three weeks, three days and three hours in the 8th century.

"Tiger's Nest in western Bhutan is one of the most iconic temples in all of the Himalaya. It is located near the town of Paro, situated high up on a mountainside.