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Wasted Food -- Jonathan Bloom on food waste and how it can be avoided | a look at how America squanders nearly half of its food

Free Pantry Labels

Love these free printable labels for pantry and cupboard organizing. Comes in black & teal and blank ones for your odds and ends. Via FabNFree

When you buy organic your telling the food industry whats important to your health and the environment - buy organic and we can change the world.

Microplastics 'pose toxic threat to marine biodiversity'

Tiny particles of waste plastic that are ingested by shoreline "eco-engineer" worms may be negatively affecting biodiversity, a study says. "We are losing a large volume of plastic and we know it is going into the environment and the assumption being made by policymakers is that this material is non-hazardous, it has got the same ranking as scraps of food," explained co-author Mark Browne. "The research we have done really challenges that,"