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Anything worth doing hurts: lessons from a long walk

Paraparaumu to Pukerua Bay: My feet hurt

Sometimes I Just Have To Walk

Sometimes I Just Have To Walk

My 7 Links: Seven Posts That Deserve To See The Light Of Day | Edventure Project

My 7 Links: Seven Posts That Deserve To See The Light Of Day | Edventure Project

More walking, a snake and a big, "WOW!" in Western Australia

Okay, I admit it: I’m freezing. Here we are on the south coast of Western Australia at the tail end of summer and I’m freezing. There is a window of about three hours mid-day wher…

Kekerengu reminds us of Italy

The rain has let up and the sun is beginning to set behind the mountains above us, turning the clouds over the steel grey sea every shade of pink and lavender. The beach at Kekerengu is black volca…


Two months ago, today, I was sitting on Kailua beach with my friend Powell,working our way through a bottle of wine, watching our big babies splash in the surf. Hawaii is eternal summer.

Uluru: a pebble in your hand

Imagine a pebble in your hand. One solid piece of rock formed over millions of years from tiny fragments of other material laid down…

Family Travel New Zealand

The Glaciers: New Zealand

One Life Is Not Better Than Another. Why do YOU travel?

One Life Is Not Better Than Another

There’s nothing in the red center of Australia. If by nothing you mean echos of endless wide spaces and wide sky that holds the world together like an eternal ribbon of Australian blue around a pac…

Crossing the Cook Strait: Notes from the end of the world

There is an eerie fog hanging between the mountains that leap out of the sea, creating the fjords that welcome us to the South Island on New Zealand. The hard wind that blows through the Cook Strai…

Family Travel New Zealand

We’re closing in on the end of our sixth month in New Zealand. I have to say, it’s been one of the pleasantest places we’ve had the privilege to travel.

Last Days in New Zealand... tomorrow we're off...

In 24 hours the wheels will be leaving the runway and we’ll be leaving New Zealand, perhaps for a very long time. It’s been a beautiful place to spend half of a year.

Australia's Great Ocean Road just gets better and better... Adventuring with Southern Right Whales!

One of the many perks of the beautiful Great Ocean Road is that Souther Right Whales come to give birth at a special bay located at a stop on the road!

While the Bannock Bakes: On walking and poetry

And with it, bitter cold. Blackwater Creek, which rushes just below the window where I’m wrapped in a down blanket with a cup of hot tea for comfort, is shivering.

Dinner at Melba: You'd like WHAT on your ice cream?

Let me open by saying that in America the concepts of “posh” and “buffet” rarely intersect. A buffet meal anywhere between the two coast of ‘Merica feels a lot like bellying up to a feeding trough …