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Gombal :D repost @jokesreceh #dagelan

:Dagelan - Asikin aja lagiii: Gombal :D repost



TEXAS — A Texas teenager’s Tweets have social media cracking up at what happened when her mom stumbled upon what she thought was drugs in her bedroom. Ashley Banks posted screenshots o…

‘You’re grounded!’: Mom thinks she found drugs in teen’s room, girl’s explanation is hilarious - Funny Pics

Custom feeling.

Custom feeling.

I read all of these and died laughing at some of them! OMG! Hilarious Mom Texts that show you why Moms are the best

I was dying! Especially during the bunny one! Hilarious Mom Texts that show you why Moms are the best.The text about "Courtney" running the bunny over, that would be something my mom would do to me!

funny text message fail

Ownage - BestFran(:Whats the first thing you would do if you were invisible for a day?I would probably fly to paris, find a street performing mime, and beat him to death. the applause he would get would be astounding. that poor mime.

I could not stop laughing!!

Best autocorrects of was the FUNNIEST thing i have read in a LONG in tears running down my face it is so funny! MUST READ!

Funny Signs From Around The World

Funny Signs From Around The World

Funny Signs From Around The World the 1897 one is literally the most uneventful day of human history and thus is famous, not well known but the magnitude of boring was legendary

These fifteen kids were asked about their thoughts on marriage, hilarity ensues.

Quotes from kids on marriage. Even if she looks like a truck. if they're yelling at the same kids

Next time anybody says does money grow on trees to me...

Money is made of 25 percent linen and 75 percent cotton. So no, money does not grow on trees.

Funny Parents Text Messages

This is my life with my Mom and Dad. You don't wanna be me when your Mom and Dad think -LOL- Means Lots of Love bu in that case my Mom and Dad are stupid as hell!

Love that dad

Sweetie this is your Father // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Laughing so dam hard right now.

funny text message sticks and stones words never hurt me threw a dicitonary at them