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Orgulho Negro

I adore this photo! I just really wish I knew what she was laughing at because it has to be super funny to get that kind of belly laugh….


Science for my kiddies: An inspirational pun. Albert Einstein "You are living, you occupy space, you have a mass, you matter.

связь поколений

♥ this, generations, punk meets old woman, faces style, photo b/w

A gambian smile | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Fulani girl in Tabakoto, a small village in The Gambia. She is another example of the many smiles that you will encounter all over Africa. Despite the very little that most people posess you will always get a great happy smile.

Fit Friday Fun - A 30 Minute Booty Building Workout + A Bonus Iced Coconut Latte Recipe

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French comic actors Louis de Funès, and André Bourvil; their laughter is contagious


♪♫♩♬ Music is beautiful at any age ♪♫♩♬ {photo credit from Guitars in the Classroom}

Ultimate Just For Laughs Pranks - Magic Tricks Edition - #funny #Magic #pranks

Ultimate compilation of funny Just For Laughs pranks - Magic Tricks edition.

Just For Laugh-10 Funniest Pranks

Just For Funniest Pranks One of the best parts about living in Montreal!

Puns! Ellie would get a kick out of these                                                                                                                                                      More

20+ Cute And Funny Puns By Arseniic

The web is full of so much daily awesomeness. This is the Thursday bonus batch of all the best memes and things that I've seen so far today.