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Little Ana Rose a survivor victim of abortion

Reminds me of a pro-life banquet we went to. The main speaker was a young woman who had survived a saline abortion.

In what language does "no" mean "yes"?      (Hint: none)

In what language does "no" mean "yes"? (Hint: none)

First female candidate for President.  We have had abortion that long?  Dang hoochies get married!  He is only hanging around for one reason! You keep partying like that you get big burn!! LoL!

Early feminists knew that treating unborn babies as less than human was as wrong as treating women that way.

I saw some protesters outside the local Planned Parenthood today. They were holding signs to vote for Colorado Amendment 67 and something about murder. Amendment 68 would make anything past conception a person under Colorado law and make killing that "person" illegal, and punishable by the same consequences as killing any other person. It's every conservative Christian's wet dream come true. I am a Christian, and I am going to vote "no" on Amendment 68. Before you jump to the comments and…

Life is sacred to God, and he views even an embryo as a distinct, living being. (Psalm God stated that a person would be called to account for injuring an unborn child. So, in his eyes, killing an unborn child is murder.

Nightmares and dreams about children plagued Stojan Adasevic for years while he worked as an abortionist for communist Serbia. In 26 years, Stojan aborted approximately 48,000 unborn children, incl…

Abortionist Quits After a Dream: “These Children are the Ones You Killed With Your Abortions”

Featured Image ~ After the disturbing dreams and the horrific abortion experience, Adasevic told the hospital where he worked that he would no longer do abortions. His pro-life conversion came at great cost.

it's a God incident !

When human life begins in not a theory, it's scientific fact. Life begins at conception. Every life has value. Respect life from womb to tomb.

Little Catholic Bubble: True feminist heroes, just when I need them.

Am amazing story of courage. 12 Brave nurses that refused to participate in abortions.

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Why I am Pro Life: Lou Xiaoying: A Chinese pro-life hero