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MYOG Backpack Series - Part 1 (Design and Supplies) - YouTube

Elevate Your Perspective - DIY Double Layer Hammock Tutorial

DIY Hammock with Footbox - Page 3 - Hammock Forums - Elevate Your Perspective

DIY Hammock with Footbox - Page 3 - Hammock Forums - Elevate Your Perspective

DIYGS - Winter Tarp

Here are three tarp designs, ideal for hammock camping. Ground Tarp designs will be added eventually. NOTE: Side panel pulls are optional, and will require an extra 4 D-Rings and 2 feet of webbing.

Exped - Ergo Hammock Combi; 3pb. 6oz hammock, bug net, tarp together, slide in your favorite sleep pad, and your good. ~$380

Exped Ergo Hammock Combi - Revolutionary, full shelter hammock design that allows a horizontal sleeping position;Complete shelter system includes hammock, bug net, and rain tarp Exped Ergo Hammock Combi

DIY hammock under quilt

Things To Prepare For Camping

I'd been thinking about sewing a down top quilt to replace my sleeping bag ever since I converted to hammocking. But I'd always been confus.

How to hang info.

DIY Backwoods Daydreamer Hammock Suspension (Whoopie Slings Tree Straps) Life is a Hammock

Stretch Side Hammock

Stretch Side Hammock: Instructions for making a Stretch-Side Hammock. Homemade gear - Final pictures of your homemade gear (final outcome). Welcome to the Hammock Forums Gallery.

Bancos en madera

Oh those crazy display designers! LOVE the flat, space saving design! flat pack table for Art and Craft Show Display

DIY Woobie under-quilt

Boil Water Camping

How to make an easy DIY camping hammock underquilt from an army poncho liner. No sewing involved!