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What happens when you mix your mom's internet skills with a meme? The hilarious Tech-Impaired Duck Meme!

I don't have a board for makes me sad ....  We have such low expectations any more

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Your teacher expects you to read stuff and write stuff and turn it in when it's due? Sorry guys, I'm evil.

I have felt this way before!! This year at fair, in the middle of the show, my goat Masen bit my neck while I was positioning him!!:-{ I was hoping that the judge wasn't looking, which he must not have seen it because I got 2nd place at that show!!:-)<3 Gotta love our animals!!

Everytime your horse acts up you home that the judge wasn't looking. For me Everytime something goes wrong the judge is always watching.

#D/Struct Installation  Can you own a product when it's virtual?

D/Struct Installation

Sixty objects have been smashed, crushed, blended and pulverized in attempt to demonstrate how a physical product can function in a digital environment.

That is their own dang fault. They are paying for the class and can choose to learn or not, and it isn't the profs problem. That is how I view my future teaching job. Along with a side of if my lecture is too boring and they resort to Facebook or friends, then I should update my teaching a little.

Funny pictures about Sad Professor. Oh, and cool pics about Sad Professor. Also, Sad Professor.

Cell phone charging

Northeastern State University Libraries -- What's New at the Library

Synchronized swimming gets weird fast…

Synchronized swimming gets weird fast…

Synchronized Swimming Faces Are Terrifyingly Hilarious. I always used to mock my sister's "synchro smile"

Customer service desk and RFID kiosks - Doncaster Library, Victoria

Customer service desk and RFID kiosks - Doncaster Library, Victoria

Lobby/Circulation area

Lobby/Circulation area