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Baekhyunnie 😄😄

Baekhyunnie 😄😄

Imitation As Flattery: Best Kpop Covers | KpopStarz

Whenever I have free time, I always watch Korean movies and listening to Korean songs. I love K-pop

Been Contemplating since forever!! life of a kpop fan! | allkpop Meme Center

Been Contemplating since forever!! life of a kpop fan!

Okay, this hasn't actually happened to me until now when Seventeen just debuted today and I forgot to do a huge project because of everything Kpop going on right meow xD

KPop Fans Can Relate #932: It's true! And some people just need to learn to understand that... ~~ <3

True even if i don't understand Korean but i will understand if i am listening to them " Every Day.

Everyday!  My mother thinks that I'm crazy lol

When Kpop fans sing in the shower haha

Actually these days don't exist. I've been into Asian stuff for as long as I can remember. xD

I pity my younger self, she doesn't know what good music is yet. Well, she better enjoy those times before she happily gives her soul to Kpop forever

ameverything... — thekoreanbigbang: BIGBANG x MADE FULL ALBUM

When they made there last album it was my sis birthday and she hates kpop wich

I love this" you don't listen to Kpop just bc it is not your language,but to us..music is universal"

Everything about kpop

Proud K-Pop fan! Just cause i listen to k-pop doesnt mean i dont like enlgish music -,- i love my one direction but k-pop has more standards and appreciate more. //BTS- Here standing proud