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Such a simple, elegant way to serve a scoop of sorbet.  Freeze scoops in hollowed-out oranges to look like the fruit itself, topped off with a clove and fresh basil sprigs. It’s an extra step, and requires a bit more freezing time, but the adorable sorbet fruit would be an awesome end to a classy summer dinner party.

10 Best Icy Summer Treats

Scoops of sorbet that look like citrus fruit. the cinderella project: because every girl deserves a happily ever after: Sorbet-Land

Matzoh Chocolate-Mint Ice Cream Cake    This is kind of a funny idea, but there's basically nothing in the world that can't taste good when you cover it in scoops of chocolate ice cream.

25 Delicious Ways To Use Matzoh

Matzo Chocolate-Mint Ice Cream Cake Recipe -- made with layers of matzo crackers spread with ganache and two different ice creams. Great for Passover, cause Matzo gets old after a few days!

Sometimes it takes the most meticulously-laid plans to achieve true chaos, and no one understands this better than London-based photographer Piotr Gregorczyk, whose Flying Food series captures the topsy-turvy projectiles of lavish meals as they leap from the plates on which they have been so carefully arranged.

In a remarkable food series that he shot for Men's Health magazine, photographer Piotr Gregorczyk literally tossed combined recipe ingredients and then cap

Coconut Almond Bars recipe //

Coconut Almond Bars

A simple tasty recipe for Coconut Almond Bars, similar to "Kind Bars". Gluten Free, sugar free, sweetened with honey.

Check this out: Not Your Garden Variety Cocktail…. https://re.dwnld.me/3s69W-not-your-garden-variety-cocktail

A carrot-ginger elixir recipe that's a fresh boozy delight, highlighting the vibrant vitamin boost of carrot juice with spicy ginger and twist of lime.