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Why We're More Creative When We're Tired and 9 Other Surprising Facts About How Our Brains Work - - The Buffer Blog

Knitted nerve cell with an axon and dendrites! I love this! This person is creative with their knitting skills

Light-Up Marquee and over 7,500 other quality toys at Fat Brain Toys. Following the step-by-step illustrated instructions, it's amazingly easy to decorate, personalize, and assemble this unique marquee arrow. Point yourself in a crafty direction!

I’m super excited to share this interview with Susan Barclay-Nichols, the brains behind Point of Interest!/Swifty Crafty Monkey; an absolutely amazing DIY resource blog. I’ve learned so much from Susan over the years and I’m really excited to have her … Continue reading →

Hi friends!! So I figured since I have so many new followers (almost 1000!) I'd re-introduce myself. My name is Katie and I'm a happily married 27 (turning 28 on May 20) mom to 2 beautiful girls here with me on Earth and 1 sweet angel in heaven. I talk alot about my Alexa Lee as she is the reason I started a childhood cancer organization. We lost her last year to a brain tumor at just 5 years old and I've made it my mission to spread awareness fund research and support families who are on a…

Wire Art: Sheep for Brains by Spenser Little (we saw him at the Fremont Market in Seattle and bought a few little pieces; had I more money, I would have bought more -- his stuff is so clever and so cool).

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