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Naruto Uchiha??? <I understand why this wasn't done, but it's still a cool idea.

I feel like if that did happen Naruto point of view on Itachi' s actions would not be that he killed all those people but that he spared Sasuke and himself.

Day 27: Scene That Made You Cry.  Itachi's death. I bawled like a baby, not even going to lie. The story behind it all and how much Itachi never stopped loving Sasuke... It's all too much. He's one of my favorites too :(

Day Scene That Made You Cry. i know there are like a million super sad moments in Naruto but this one was just soooo so sad Itachi was one of my favourite characters :(

cosplay sexy misa death note

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Char : Haise Sasaki   Anime : Tokyo Ghoul Coser : Takuwest

Sasaki haise 東京喰種:re - Takuwest(沢西) Ken Kaneki Cosplay Photo - Cure WorldCosplay Super Hero shirts, Gadgets

captainmaxstrong:  “ I cry the happiest tears when I see you  ”

captainmaxstrong: I cry the happiest tears when...

telephonoscope: “disneyforprincesses: “ captainmaxstrong: “ I cry the happiest tears when I see you ” For this week, Warrior Mulan is at Disneyland! ” I’ve never wanted to go to a Disney park until.

8 Wolverine Cosplays - The X-Men cosplay we've ever seen! I think this one would be better if his claws were not out on the cigar hand.

Nailed it! This Russian cosplayer is a dead ringer for Wolverine. - 8 Wolverine Cosplays (Comment not mine.