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Hockey players are definitely some of the toughest athletes. Personally, I've played 5 games on a broken leg before and an entire season with a separated shoulder. An injury has never kept me off the ice.

Hockey > Basketball The debate for the toughest athletes? Hockey wins that one every time.

"Hey Luongo , you think you're so good but you suck , yes you do."  haha pretty sure we all feel the same way about Luongo

Vince Vaughn Taunts Roberto Luongo Love it :) However I don't like the Blackhawks!

Thanks to Twitter follower @MC_Philly for sharing this pic of Rocky who's clearly a #Flyers fan. #hockeypets

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I need to get this for Michael. I told him this is the cheap mans penalty. No Hooking! Someone needs to buy this for my birthday.

No one likes a hooker- I want this shirt! Where can I find one? i feel like this could be a fantastic bday gift for the hubby!