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I do this to mine all the time.

I Love Lucy. One of my all time favorite shows! I almost ALWAYS love Lucy and Ethel's dresses!


When suddenly pro-transgender activists realize what they're actually defining women as, and realize their position is sexist and anti-feminist.

Feeling love

American actress Lucille Ball finds motherhood overwhelming in 'No Children Allowed' an episode of the television show 'I Love Lucy' 1953 The episode.

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Watch amazing "I Love Lucy" GIFs // Totally relatable life moments from everyone's favorite redhead

"Speed it up a little"

I Love Lucy

"I Love Lucy" ~ This is the episode of the television show when Ethel (Vivian Vance) and Lucy (Lucille Ball) get hired to work in a chocolate candy factory. A classic!

"I Love Lucy"

I love this! She has the BEST facial expressions. Ball (I love her!

Lucy is the original savage

Ricky - "What do you want me to do, starve to death?" Lucy - "Would you, please?" One of my favorite quotes of all times. I use it probably on an everyday basis.

Not a baby person?

Not a baby person?