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The latest Tweets from Dog Or Dog (@dogordogcom). How and When to Potty Train your Dog. Dog training does not have to be stressful for the dog and the dog owner. It can be fun experience. New York, USA

And u people complain u have to walk the dog? And your in shorts and a tank top? If it wasn't for these people u wouldn't be able to walk your dog! So just shut up!

CPL Animal Store. Give The Best Care Possible To Your Cat With These Ideas.. Cats must be occupied when they aren't asleep. If left alone, cats can scratch up all your furniture. Cat toys are an easy way to keep this from happening.

This is truly sad. I would never drink and drive(although I never have or will) this picture would convince more people than the ads on TV.

I agree! What happened to Russel Crowe's dog in Gladiator? I cried when Keanu Reeves' dog died in John Wick.

Dog hugging teddy. Not my image. Credit to http://imgur.com/user/YouThoughtThisWasAUsernameButItWasMeDio

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