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Dog Topiary, aahhh too cute! In honor of the best, best friend anyone could have there's a cat topiary to the right

Amazing Garden Plant Sculptures You Would Love To Put In Your Garden

Most amazing topiary exhibit in Montreal. - Hachiko, the Loyal Dog - Tokyo - Tokyo's sculpture of Selaginella kraussiana and welded metal honors the famous Akita named Hachiko, who waited loyally for his master at the train station for 10 years.

first home

beautiful or ugly? the photograph by Kurt Manley is made so well, that you oversee the poor planting of the small front garden, despite the whimsical shapes of the bushes ; What a freaky gardening!

Gardens of Marqueyssac...the town of Vézac in the Dordogne region of France.

Gardens of Marqueyssac

Les jardins suspendus de Marqueyssac, Dordogne, France (ok, beautiful place beautiful language.

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The Topiary Cat, a creation by Richard Saunders, Surrealist. Here the topiary Cat is meeting a friend over an ancient wall. This wall is actually the postern gate at Hertford Castle, England.