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More Than 30 Million People in China Live in Eco-Friendly Caves

is the place where old world living meets modern technology, and the two together create an exciting version of Living Off The Grid as we are known on Facebook.

That is one of beautiful mix between art and fashion (Porcelain costumes made by Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng)

Sacred horse, in Aoi Matsuri (means Hollyhock festival, it's one of the three major festivals in Kyoto, Japan)

Fish Activities

Camping theme - I bought a tilapia at Kroger for $1.77. The kids are going to FREAK out over this, LOL!

Butterfly-Winged Wuxi Grand Theatre is a New Eco Cultural Landmark in China

The Wuxi Grand Theatre by PES-Architects, is located on a man-made peninsula of Wu-Li Lake, south of Wuxi centre city and is the most important new cultura

Image Gallery: 25 Amazing Ancient Beasts

A gigantic ape standing 10 feet tall and weighing up to 1,200 pounds lived alongside humans for over a million years, researchers say. A fresh analysis of two previously found skulls determined they re 200,000 old, making them the oldest known examples of our species. Yet fossil records indicate musical instruments, drawings, needles and other sophisticated tools didn t appear until about 50,000 years ago, suggesting Homo sapiens had a pretty lowbrow culture for 150,000 years. Well…