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Gon Freecs and killua zoldyck Hunter x Hunter

Killua you perv!

you are light. sometimes you shine so brightly that i have to look away. but even so, is it alright...

Gon x Killua ~ GonKillu KilluGon GonKiru Don't worry Kil is do that too ///-///

Hunter x Hunter x Pusheen

Ahh so true! i love this >Has already stolen my heart< Hunter x Hunter

hahahaha killua :') Kurapika & LEORIO

I bet he does! Remember the face he had when Leorio touched Kurapika while Gon was fighting against the ninja freak?

Aged υp ĸιllυa & gon

Gon and Killua ~ Hunter X Hunter - Killua is definitely one of the few guys who can pull off a mullet