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you need to take into account all elements of your womanhood. Menstruation is a huge part of your womanhood and needs not to be overlooked. Contrast of menstrual cups and evaluating different menstruation cups is the method to go green and doing your part to conserve the planet  cup for menstrual

Large Pink Blossom Menstrual Cup; Love it or your Money Back

Large Pink Blossom Menstrual Cup, the new and improved menstruation cup that works like the diva cup and feels like the moon cup but is more economical than both.

The Best and Most Effective Way to Clean and Remove Stains from Your Diva Cup or Other Silicone Menstrual Cup

Best Ways to Remove Stains From Diva Silicone Menstrual Cups

Love your Diva Cup, or other silicone menstrual cup, but can't stand the sight of the stains? Is boiling not working? I have the solution for you—and you're going to be amazed.


About Me - I’m Sarah and I am the coordinator at Greening the Rubble, a mother to my darling two year old daughter and a passionate reusable menstrual products advocate. I have written a few articl.

Cup Images

Cup Images

i love my diva cup but I get bad leaking my first two days so I have to wear panty liners. I don't know which cup would be better for me or if I need to do kegel exercises to strengthen.

Aiwo Menstrual Cup Review

AIWO Cup Women Cup Soft Medical Grade Silicone Reusable Feminine Care Period Menstrual Cup With Funnel (Pink)

LadyCup Review

LadyCup Review

FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup (Regular) Femmy Cycle http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NHDLMTA/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_aFRUvb19J9G8Y

The best menstrual cup 2017 can be found right here. All of the highest quality period cups manufactured in Western countries to the highest standards.

Anigan EvaCup TopQuality Reusable Menstrual Cup EcoFriendly Alternative to Tampons Rose Large ** You can find more details by visiting the image link.

Anigan EvaCup Moon Stone – Menstrual Cup (Small) Fast Shipping (US Patent Pending)

Best price on Hengsong Reusable Feminine Protection Cup Menstrual Cup 12 Hours (small, pink)  See details here: http://healthstylemart.com/product/hengsong-reusable-feminine-protection-cup-menstrual-cup-12-hours-small-pink/    Truly a bargain for the inexpensive Hengsong Reusable Feminine Protection Cup Menstrual Cup 12 Hours (small, pink)! Check out at this low cost item, read customers' notes on Hengsong Reusable Feminine Protection Cup Menstrual Cup 12 Hours (small, pink), and order it…

Find best price for Hengsong Reusable Feminine Protection Cup Menstrual Cup 12 Hours (small, pink)

Juju Menstrual Cup Review

JuJu is available in four models and can be used by women of all ages.

Devacup New Menstrual Solution Model 2 - 1 cup | Eliminates the inconvenience and provides endless absorbencies. myotcstore.com - Ezy Shopping, Low Prices & Fast Shipping.

The DivaCup Model 2 Menstrual Cup

Lunette Menstrual Cup

Menstrual Cup Pros and Cons: Throw Your Tampons Away!

The Lunette Cup vs Moon Cup: A head to head comparison of these two popular menstrual cups to help you choose the best one for you.