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ihave stupid numb emotins butni saw him stay smiling and when dan turned around he stopped and wiped his eye then dan stared at him again and he smiled again DAHEQ PHIL STAYS STROG FOR DAN CUZ WE ALL KNOW DAN WOULD DIE IF PHIL CRIED HE IS SO BRAVE WHY DAHEQ DOES HE GET HATE:

i mostly always feel numbness but Jesus I felt my heart break into a billion pieces with a single tear.

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Sleep at night vs. in the morning - Bluechair and Owlturd Comix by Shen.

I could never see Phil's phone in real life I can't Stand the bubbles I would have to go through them or I would through the phone

OMG DAN SAMEEEE Fun Fact about I'll spend however long it takes until all the notification bubbles are gone XD XD what am I doing with my life.

What makes it even better is that Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Newt) also voices Ferb.

<------ for anyone who doesn't understand this, Thomas Sangster who plays Newt in the Maze Runner movie series also doe the voice of Ferb in the Disney TV show Phineas and Ferb.

h*ck lol


it's not a bad word, it's a place for me and i am offended people don't use the word properly in a sentence.

Otp like waaaat

Dan and Phil // Dan Howell // danisnotonfire // Phil Lester // AmazingPhil

What OMG I didn't know I thought he couldn't get any sweeter omg nooooope❤️✨

What OMG I didn't know I thought he couldn't get any sweeter omg nooooope❤️✨<<did you mean his soul voice?