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to all those that i have judged i apologize, and to all those that judge me or my kids go ahead because your opinion doesnt matter. my kids are smart, happy and mine.and that is all that is important to me!

Cancer is not funny....But it doesn't hurt to have a laugh if we can along the way. Our blog post today is "14 Funny Things That Happened While Fighting Cancer". Take a look, have a chuckle, and share with anyone that has ever fought it, they can appreciate it, I bet.

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"No" can be an important lesson to our children.

Well raised children make rational adults. More rational adults will make a better planet! Children need to learn they cannot just demand things and get them.(Note to OWS protesters) They need to work to get them.

moral obligation

One simple fact of your life is that if you have any resources whatsoever -- if you're capable, alert, sane, upright -- then you are morally obliged to defend life's underdogs. That's the rule.

0 + 0 + 0 still equals nothing!  Unless something magical happened... and that magic COULD have been God-created. Why couldn't the big bang theory be God's hand?

Funny, because this is not what atheism is. What was described is the Big Bang theory. Atheism is not believing in God or any organized religion. So whoever made this should go read a book instead of criticizing the largest secularist group in the world.

"What do you want me to do? be depressed? A little fishy told me 'Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!'"  -Talia Joy Castellano ❤ #alittlefishyproject #taliaslegacy

This was Talia Joy Castellanos motto she struggled with 2 different types of cancer her motto was just keep swimming Talia passed on in 2013 I pray for her family and friends✌️Talia will ALWAYS be my hero -Abby

Tangle Tangle Tangle

Zentangle, the use of repetitive patterns to create art

I realized that God does give us more than we can handle so that we will realize how incapable we are at handling our problems on our own. We are supposed to give Him our problems to fix.

God doesn't give us what we can handle, God helps us handle what we are given. Thank you, Lord!