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Bow wow fabric purse

love these homemade curtains. Polka dot chenille on top, ikea leaf curtains on the bottom. // whatever

Pincushions by Yuki Sugashima aka Barefoot Shepherdess

Tales of Cloth: Country Geese Quilt

When you sew a doll together with all of this yarn, be sure to tuck the yarn out of the way while sewing the head together. And remember how you left a 1/4 inch free at the top of each head piece? Well, that’s because when you sew the two head pieces together at the top, the yarn won’t get in the way. See the seam along the top of the head? When you sew the head pieces together, the yarn should meet right up and hide the fabric below.

Glow in the Dark Trick or Treat Bag using heat transfer material and fabric ink.

sew a straight line: The Domesticated Skirt

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