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Joffrey you little cunt. You might not be an actual person, but I still wanna kick you in your smug royal face.

Joffrey Baratheon - Game of Thrones Characters


This is the episode, where Deanerys is still sailing back to Mareen, with her knights, Unsullied Warriors, and Missandei. But it also has an awesome grap.

Richard Madden stars as Robb Stark in the HBO drama.

Game of Thrones, A Man Without Honour, review

6 lições da série Game of Thrones para fazer grandes vendas

Jack Gleeson ~ who portrays Joffrey

Jack Gleeson, better known as King Joffrey, who is also known as the youngest looking 21 year old I've ever seen!

Jack Gleeson/Jack Frost

caseofthemissingimpala: “ is it just me or does jack gleeson look like real life jack frost ” yup, he does: