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Thing is, a certain someone doesn't give me love or friendship, so I'm kinda stuck like this.

I can so relate to this XD

This actually happened to me.I'd come up to the stage confidently then make a mess of my speech XD

And more crushes:

High School According To The Internet

oh my god the cat's face i can't xD

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Loading Artist is a webcomic about many things, sometimes revolving around an artist who wants to become rich and famous.

nooooooooo (by @booksofadam)

once some number called 555 5555 and then when i called back out of curiosity it was a disconnected number.

How butters goes outside and right back in when it's raining!

The Best Memes for Everyone Who's Obsessed With Neko Atsume

I hate to say it..but this is the truth.

I hate to say it..but this is the truth.