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I don't care if it is rated G sharp. I heard it has lots of sax and violins.


Music Problems: I showed this to my mom who's been a piano teacher for a long time. She said the music book must be trying to teach the student to play without looking at the piano keys. Kind of hard though.how else would they see the music?

Actually, that's offensive AND true. Since I play my saxy:-)

16 Reasons Why Band Geeks Rule

Actually, that's offensive AND true. Since I play my saxy:-)<<< lmao I'm a trombone it's more like wood winds are cruel brass drool because I mean our instruments do legit leak spit but at least we aren't out of tune and very insistent that we are correct

I hate when this happens  Especially when you're the guy with the part, most of the time it's because we fall asleep

And people wonder why we sleep in the back of the band room during symphonic band.

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I can't tell you how many times my band director has told us trumpets to remember to have a balanced sound<< our band has an unusually large flute section thats soooo loud! Yeah we want to hear the flutes better but they are louder than the trumpets now!

How to conduct

Ways Of Beating Time. This is how conductors, well conduct! If you ever go to a orchestra concert watched them.