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Please read article and at the end of the article leave a comment to weigh in on what you think about the moderator who apparently didn't seem to be able to control the Presidential Debate. Also inside article, a very interesting facial analysis study of the candidates during the debate.

January 28, 2008: Sen. Edward Kennedy, with Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama during a rally at American University in Washington.

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Physicist Stephen Hawking said in a new interview that he doesn’t understand presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s popularity — details

Trump Is Already Analyzing How to Quickly Withdraw From Global Climate Deal


6 Horrifying Prisoner-O-War Stories That Show The Brutality Of War

John McCain, I don't care what side you're on, this man is a real American hero and deserves whatever the fuck he wants for life!

Trump: My RNC Speech Was So Long Because I Got So Much Applause

Donald Trump said that his RNC speech was so long because the crowd couldn’t contain their applause for the Republican presidential nominee — read more